March 23, 2007

Now I look like Madonna too

Yep, today I have been shopping M at H&M, I tried out some different stuff of the collection but only liked the black & white kimono dress. Please come back soon for pictures how it looks on ;)
Update 032407
Now you can see the pictures here -->

Update 032307
Wow, just found out that writes about Madonnas collection and that they have a link to my little blog. Thanks Aftonbladet!

All you new visitors, don't forget to come back!
...and while you're here write me a note to tell me what you think about my blog, and also look at/read all my other posts -->


Lovaholic said...

Halo, Am a new visitor... Am from Singapore (Asia-next to Malaysia)... link myself from Bryanboy's to here.... I have to say somehow I am attracted to your blog layout :) Will add you to my Must-read List... Cheers :P

Jeanette said...

Hi Loveaholic, thanks for your post - and link at your must-read-list! :)

Great that you think my layout is attractive... I'm a graphic designer and I guess I have a talent in that area :)