April 11, 2007

How to: Design your own Home Library

It's not very hard to create your own library, even if you don't have much space. All you need is an empty wall (or part of a wall) to cover with bookshelf's from floor to ceiling. Paint the shelfs in a warm dark solid color for a more rustic feeling, and put spotlights at the top to support good lighting - but remember the dimmer for a discreetly lit room when you're not searching for a specific book!
Mix new books with antique books for a softer touch, furnish with a cushy leather chair and brushed reading lamps so you can comfortable sit and read for hours. Decorate piles of books on the floor to use as a side table for your tea cup, place a big nappy skin rug under the chair, and hang a trow on the armrest to have in hand for chillier days.
For that little extra, buy a stair so you easily can reach for books at the top shelfs, shop for antique bookmarks and decorate the library area/room with beautiful items as flowers, inspiring pictures, art and maps.

- Picture of library from Michele Oka Doner
- Color Ebenholts by Eva Lilja Löwenhielm for Alcro
- Tartan Blankets from Highland Store
- Lamp from Ralph Lauren Home
- Club chair from Ralph Lauren Home
- Antique books from eBay
- Bookmarks Oliver Good Stuff and eBay
- Skins from World Wide Drums

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