November 7, 2007

November Romance

This is THE romantic movie of this holiday season! For you romantics out there this is a must see. The pictures looks amazing, look at the clothes, and the environments - this is already an inspiration source for me.

Love in the Time of Cholera is a story about a man who waits over fifty years for his one true love... How long would you wait for love?
In (US) theaters November 16th.


Mélanie said...

this movie looks wonderful ..I think I 'm going to love it

MagdalenasHem said...

Wow! jag fick gåshud när jag såg dom bilderna, är ju sååå svag för kostymfilmer!! Den bara måste man ju se :-D
Tack för ditt mejl, har inte hunnit svara och jag knåpar på med mina kod-problem *skratt*

Må så gott!

extravaganza editor said...

Mélanie - Indeed it does, I do not know if it is the same release date as in US but you should look it up, I think it is worth it :)

Magdalena - Visst är bilderna schyssta! Jag ska def. se den, jag hinner precis innan jag åker till Sverige :) Hoppas du får bukt med kodandet! Kram!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't really wait, actually. He has more than 600 affairs before he finally gets to have the woman he loves!!! And he records every encounter until then!

extravaganza editor said...

Well, I would probably do the same - try to find someone else! But as long as I did not succeed, I would count the days, and record "the others"...