April 23, 2010

French weekend

As you all may have guessed, the Maldives-trip was canceled because of the volcanic ash. : / It is ok, I am not to sad, because I will do the trip after the summer. My week has still been hectic, everything turned upside down, so I've been busy trying to make everything normal again – and finally, it is Friday! This weekend I'll just relax and breathe...
So, for this weekend's chores, I would like to recommend a book that you can relax with. The French designer Christian Liaigre has recently written a new book, Liaigre, that takes us to six exclusive residences showing lush interiors designed by Mr. Liaigre him self.


Karena said...

Fabulous Jeanette! Love your site as always!

Art by Karena

Extravaganza Editor said...

Karena, you are so cute! Thanks :)