March 16, 2007

Dream time

Even thou we have changed into day light saving time and it is finally getting lighter outside I do not always find it great. For me it is harder going to "dream land" when it feels like the sun never sets and a good nights sleep is one of the key wellbeing's for me. But there are solutions, I always try to use nice soft bedclothing's, and wear an eye mask during night to keep light out. Sometimes I even drink a glass of warm milk before I go to bed. Other tips could be to slip in something comfortable, spray your pillow with a nice mist, listen to calming music, and light a scented relaxing candle.

My bedroom favorites:
Victoria's Secret - Underwear
Gant - Beddings
Dream Essentials - Filtered Breathing™ EyeMask
Bath and Bodyworks - Henri Bendel Scented Candle
Bath and Bodyworks - Aromatherapy Pillow Mist
Mascagni - Cavaleria Rusticana CD
Glass of milk

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