May 15, 2007

How to: Design your own Lounge

Gosh am I busy or what?! I have tried to find some extra time for blogging during two weeks now - finally I made it! :) Thank you so much for coming back, and to all first time visitors it is great to have you! Hope you find some inspiration and ideas even if I don't write regularly.

The lounge should be relaxing and soft, a room or section to hang out in for hours reading, talking, mingle... If you have much space and like music a grand piano would be perfect in this surrounding. For smaller areas choose an old fashion gramophone to play records on.
Walls can be kept white, but in that case remember to work with fabrics and other materials to create the right feeling for the room. If you prefer to paint the walls I suggest a warm cozy color like the ones on the picture.

Except from choosing right furnitures and colors, a discreetly lit room is most important for the right ambiance, and don't forget to lit lots of candles in the evening. Cover the windows with thin curtains to soften the outside light, and use a thick rug for a warm feeling. And of course - a glass of champagne or a Martini suits in very well in a lounge interior.

Antique chairs and sofa - search at eBay
Beautiful rug - Kasthall
Classic Subeybaja table - Santa & Cole
Grand piano - try Craigslist or Blocket
Thin light curtains - IKEA
Drink Accessories - Ralph Lauren
Paint Colors - Hardware Stores
Bennet lamp in organza fabric - Mio
Table lamp - Karlskrona Lampfabrik
Floor lamp - Escape
Candles - Manuel Canovas

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