July 24, 2007

How to: Design your own Patio

The basics of creating an outdoor room is really about structure and planning, therefore you should always start by trace the area you want to decorate and model with it. When you have it on paper it is lots more easier to see were to place things as flower beds, furnitures and lightings.
You should also decide what kind of look you want - oriental, marine, modern... - and stick to it! If you stay true to one style it will give a better general impression and more of a professional appearance.
No matter how your patio look, how big it is or what look you decide for I think there is a few details you always need for a nice outside atmosphere. Lanterns and candle holders, flowers in beautiful pots and baskets, a parasol, cushions and throws. IKEA has a great range of products for this kind of decoration, and for more unique objects visit your local vintage boutique. I also suggest that you use materials from the nature, like stone and wood, it blends in beautiful and suit the surroundings perfectly!

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