October 24, 2007

How to: Design your own Office

To have an office at home is probably not that common, but almost everybody has an office desk nowadays! See so that your desk have a lot of storage for bills, papers and other importants. To create a more sophisticated look for your office space (the desk) accessorize it with your favorites. Mine are a antique world globe, a leather calendar from Mulberry, and I could not live without my Mac Book Pro! Also, allow yourself to buy a nice pen, and a exclusive card box to store your most precious cards or letters - and most important, an ergonomic desk chair!

Desk - Antique
Chair - Levenger
World Globe - Antique
Desk Lamp - Julian Chichester
Calendar - Mulberry
Mac Book Pro - Apple
Newspaper - Subscription of your favorite
Card Box - Ralph Lauren
Pens - Parker

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