December 8, 2007

Christmas Decoration

Christmas is my favorite holiday so the last days I have been decorating the house, and baking cookies and sweets. I wanted to share some of my Christmas interior ideas, but my computer crashed so I will be back on Monday later for this post!

Ok, so it seems that my computer did not crashed after all - yippee! :)
In my family we have very strong Christmas traditions, beginning Advent first with lighting a Swedish Christmas star in the window. And I think that soft lights, but most of all candles, is great for finding the right holiday spirit! Another simple and great Christmas decor is red ribbons. Tie them around pots and garlands and you will right away have a Christmas atmosphere.
These are my personal must haves Christmas decor: mistletoe, lots of candles, hyacinths, red ribbons, spruce twigs, Santa Clauses, and of course a Christmas tree...
What is your favorites?

The images above is from Bo Bedre, and a blog I do not remember the name of right now :/ I will post some more Christmas images for inspiration the following weeks so watch out for new posts.


Cissi said...

det ser vi fram emot.. Lite inspiration är alltid varmt välkommet!

extravaganza editor said...

Sådär, då funkar datorn igen.. hoppas det gav lite inspiration.. mer kommer till veckan. Det börjar ju dra ihop sig nu! :)