February 19, 2010

Innovative Decor

Greg Natale's Woollahra House is just lovely designed with wonderful color scheme and excellent details, but it is not so strange this house is a success – after all, Greg Natale is recognized as one of the most innovative design practices in Australia.


anna k. said...

Mycket snyggt! Vad glad jag är att jag hittat till dig - här känner jag mig som hemma!

Carole said...

Its stunning. I'm a big fan of black and white anyway and that panelling idea might be a good idea to copy it looks so good here.

Extravaganza Editor said...

Anna - vad glad jag blir. Du är alltid välkommen in på en "fika" :) Kram!

Carole - Yes, Greg has done a great job with this house!