February 21, 2010

Reader Question

Markus and Sofia is wondering how to furnish their living room in a modern style. Their needs and desires is to have a dining area, and a cozy space which gives the opportunity to be social, watch TV and read books.

Since this room is so large, I suggest that they place two sofas opposite each other in one part of the room. This provides a good social environment, while it fills up the room in a welcoming manner. A large carpet frames the furniture, and two unique chairs will be a focal point and a cozy place to read books. Behind one of the couches add a wallpaper that gives the room an atmosphere. Decorate with accessories in colors from the wallpaper.
In the second part of the room, place a large dining table with seating for many guests. Against the wall is a built-in bookcase - books will contribute to a pleasant and peaceful setting. Do not forget the lighting!
In the mood board is the amazing wallpaper Mediterranea Black and Gold on White from Cole & Son. Other products are all from EM Home Interior.

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House of Jammi - blogg och webshop said...

I like your choices for them! The chairs made me smile, they really have a special character.

SollenkrokaBy said...

Hello Nänna!
Här får du en blogaward av mig!


Extravaganza Editor said...

Thank you, both :)