February 5, 2010

Viva L'Italia

I spent a couple of weeks in Italy last summer - and I miss it already. As Italians live their life is something to pursue! They seem to be more relaxed about everything and on top of that they are really good with design as well.
The Italy company Swan has been producing sofas and armchairs since 1963. With their stylistic profile Swan has been a recognized company for many years. Love the colors in these photos. Have a great weekend all! XX/Jeanette


Karena said...

Jeanette, beautiful images. I love this grouping & line of furnishings!

Extravaganza Editor said...

Yes, it looks very professional and stylish, but then again Italians are great designers. Enjoy your weekend!

columnist said...

I really like the black & white picture of the curved colonnades; I presume just an enlarged photograph.

Extravaganza Editor said...

Yes, that is a fun idea, I like it too. It probably is a big photo, or it could be a wallpaper... Have a fantastic Valentine's Day!