March 17, 2010

I am a lucky girl!

I am just so happy! There are so many great things happening right now!!! I just been offered an exciting and very luxurious project that I will tell you more about in a couple of weeks... and another interesting project will kick of on monday and hopefully you will see the result of it very soon. What a great day. Tomorrow is a busy day again, two meetings and Tennis!

Below are two other fun jobs I have worked on recently.


Brunkullan med Mosipperötter said...

Mycket snyggt!! Är brunt det nya svarta? Ser mycket brunt och brända toner nu i repotage.

Och grattis! Låter spännande med nya projekt:)

Kram Susanne

Extravaganza Editor said...

Hej Sussa! Tack - ja det är skitspännande projekt verkligen... Helt galet :)

Brunt har nog varit det nya svarta en längre tid, tillsammans med chabby-vitt och grått. :) Kram!