July 18, 2007

Need some Luxe in your life?

Planning on going on a trip? In that case you should have a look at these smart guides from LUXE.
LUXE City Guides are the style guides to the best Asian, European, American and Australian cities for the modern traveler and comes in pocket-size.
With a savvy design these guides are packed with a highly selective list of only the best shops, restaurants and hotels, and lifestyle options each city has to offer.
These jet-set travel guides comes out every six months - but the best part is if you buy a guide before traveling, you could login and check for last minute updates at the LUXE website! In this way you always now whats hot, and whats not!


Cissi said...

Väldigt fin, kommer definitivt införskaffas inför nästa NY besök. Tack för tipset!

Jeanette said...

Varsågod :)