September 6, 2007

Massage Therapy

Everybody knows that massage is perfect to relieve stress, tension, and pain. But I have also read somewhere that massage is good for detoxing your body from slag!
I take massages regularly, at least a couple of times every month, it makes me rejuvenated and ready to deal with every day challenges! On my vacation in St Lucia I had a 80 minute full body treatment and afterwards I felt so relaxed and refreshed.

Massage therapists are available at health clubs, wellness centers, or spas. If money is tight, some massage schools let students work on clients at a discount.
If you prefer to have a home SPA I highly recommend using body oils from Weleda who has fantastic organic and nourishing oils presented in different essentials. Perfect for at-home treatments, and they may also be used as regular, everyday body moisturizers!

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