November 17, 2007

Set Decor

When it comes to interior decor I get my inspiration from everywhere; magazines, journeys, vintage boutiques, movies... especially I like to watch old films because they usually have great set decors. Some of the movies, from the days before, that I love to watch is "Holiday", "Once upon a Honeymoon", "Indiscreet", "Wedding present", "The Bishops wife", "Night and Day", and "Once upon a time". If you have not seen them - you should!
And of course there is a lot of new movies and tv-shows that have superb set decor as well! As for example I just love the recently released movies "The Good Shepherd" and "Becoming Jane Austin". The decorators in those films have really captured a sense of that time. Desperate Housewives is also a favorite of mine because of all the womens nice homes. It is perfect as a inspiration source. Maybe you have your own favorite?

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